Localism and masterplanning rural settlements

Any project I am doing now is being looked at by communities in the light of the potential effects of the Localism Bill. Whilst this isn’t law yet, the intention to provide ‘us’ with greater say on development is a whole planning conundrum as it affects balances of power (not just between developers and communities, but also between others like councillors and officers) and the whole intention of planning is to arbitrate and weave a path between the views of the many and the few. I follow the debate with interest, especially as it may have differing impacts on the approach to development in smaller towns/rural communities and larger urban neighbourhoods.
We don’t want to be walking on eggshells though and no party in the development process should be in fear of another party having greater power. The need is for consensus, dare I say coalition, planning. Co-design is at the route of good design outcomes.

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