Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan visioning workshop

I was privileged last week to work with The Prince’s Foundation in assisting the villages of Cerne Valley parish in West Dorset to kick start their Neighbourhood Plan.  This commenced with a visioning exercise looking at what their valley should offer over the next generation.  The workshops attracted around 15% of the villages as well as a few interested neighbours.  Day one produced some challenging discussions.

Cerne Abbas

The two day event worked through how the valley is linked to economically, environmentally and socially, and then developed a vision through a series of topics – some spatial and some thematic, that all saw the valley as a place for the future.  The vision was expressed through a joint  plan and supporting statements that show how the valley can build on its strengths as an outstanding historic village in this beautiful unspoilt chalk valley.  Emerging ideas will be shown on the community website

Cerne Valley visioning event