Pool Vision Framework

Pool sits at the centre of Cornwall’s tin and copper mining district. The last decade or so has seen Regeneration plans come and go, some successfully and some thwarted, either by market changes or the Swiss cheese that is the ground beneath. I am pleased to have been appointed by Cornwall Council as part of a design team with Lavigne Lonsdale and PJA transport and engineering consultants to refresh the Vision for this village, engulfed as it has been, by its larger town neighbours of Redruth and Cambourne. The project is working with a large number of landowner, business and community partners to re-focus the future spatial direction of the village bearing in mind a number of recent planning applications, and the need for greater harmony and vitality through clustering and connecting the ecosytem of facilities, places and spaces. These have often been dispersed or severed from one another in the past. The new realities of movement as we Gear Change to less vehicle-subservient urban lives means we will also seek to redesign the main street and restore its place function at the heart of the community. #urbanplanning #urbandesign

Robinson’s shaft at Heartlands Parc in Pool