Improving walking and cycling in St Ives

St Ives in Cornwall is one of the most iconic coastal towns of the Duchy. Having started life as a fishing and mining town, it’s isthmus geography, bold harbour and sandy beaches have made it an attraction to huge numbers of people including artists and holidaymakers alike. The town knows it faces a problem . . . → Read More: Improving walking and cycling in St Ives

Which way Westerham?

It has been a pleasure working with Rummey Design once again on the plans for Westerham in Kent. Working for Squerreyes Estate, we have been examining the landscape around the town, the way the town works and has developed over the years and how new development might allow it to grow whilst maintaining its character, . . . → Read More: Which way Westerham?

Bourn airfield masterplan

The old airfield at Bourn saw action in the Second World War as a key RAF resource. Now derelict it is being considered as a potential development site west of the growing city of Cambridge. I have been working with Rummey Design on their proposal for Countryside Properties who are working with the local authority . . . → Read More: Bourn airfield masterplan

Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan visioning workshop

I was privileged last week to work with The Prince’s Foundation in assisting the villages of Cerne Valley parish in West Dorset to kick start their Neighbourhood Plan. This commenced with a visioning exercise looking at what their valley should offer over the next generation. The workshops attracted around 15% of the villages as well . . . → Read More: Cerne Valley Neighbourhood Plan visioning workshop

New Cornwall eco-development?

A feasibility study looks at whether Cornwall can accommodate more eco-development. . . . → Read More: New Cornwall eco-development?

Localism and masterplanning rural settlements

Any project I am doing now is being looked at by communities in the light of the potential effects of the Localism Bill. Whilst this isn’t law yet, the intention to provide ‘us’ with greater say on development is a whole planning conundrum as it affects balances of power (not just between developers and communities, . . . → Read More: Localism and masterplanning rural settlements

Community led rural masterplanning

I am just embarking on an enabling project for Creating Excellence/CABE on producing a community/ developer masterplanning template in a south west district where there are a number of sites identified in emerging development plan documents for village and town infill and extensions. The interesting aspect of this project is about building urban design understanding . . . → Read More: Community led rural masterplanning